Cake flavors

StyleMePretty cakes are professionally made cakes using high quality products. We use products from leading manufacturers and do not add artificial flavor enhancers. We appreciate natural food only because we believe that cakes should not only be lovely, but also delicious. You can select the taste of your cake. Would you prefer a sweet cake or sourish one? Beaten or more substantial? Do you like fruits or maybe jam? We make the cake exactly the one you need! We offer several forms of sponge cakes, cake and cream soaking. Besides that you can choose from different kinds of additives such as fruits, chocolate pieces, nuts, jam… Our company is one of not so many companies in Amsterdam which offers you to order a tier cake with various flavors in every tier without extra charge. StyleMePretty offers you several most popular cake fillings:

  • “Red Velvet” – traditional American cake which contains chocolate layers covered with white chocolate and cream-cheese frosting. Perfect for St. Valentine’s Day!
  • Chocolate and cherry cake – sour-sweet cake made of chocolate sponge cakes, cherries and mascarpone cream.
  • Carrot cake – sponge cakes laced with carrots, walnuts and aromatic cinnamon that are covered with cream-cheese frosting.
  • Lemon cake – light cake which consists of lemon sponge cakes and lemon-flavored mascarpone cream.
  • Champagne cake – perfect for the wedding! This filling consists of champagne (Prosecco, or you can choose your favorite one). Vanilla sponge cakes are layered with buttercream and champagne laced with raspberry or raspberry jam layer.
  • Strawberry cake – a beaten cake that is made from vanilla sponge cakes and strawberry mousse. The best choice for children!
  • Pear cake – a cake for gourmets made of sponge cakes laced with Swiss cream. You can feel morsels of caramelized pears between sponge cakes and cream. Sweet cake!
  • Chocolate cake – for the real chocolate fans! It is made of chocolate layers laced with dark or milk chocolate ganache at option. Layers can be laced with your favorite alcoholic beverage as an option.
  • Caramelized cake – you can choose from chocolate and vanilla sponge cakes laced with caramelized milk cream. Almond nuts, walnuts and hazels can be nice final additives to this cake.
  • Almond cake – made of vanilla sponge cakes and almond buttercream. Morsels of almond nut are added in it. A perfect addition for this filling would be marzipan covering.
  • Mocha cake – a cake for the coffee lovers with coffee flavoring.

Besides that you can combine the following: Sponge cakes:

Chocolate Cake; Vanilla Cake; Orange Cake; Lemon Cake; Coffee Cake; Delicate White Cake with shortening (perfect for classic white wedding cakes).


Pastry cream; Swiss cream; Buttercream; Butter cream based on condensed milk; Butter cream based on egg white; Butter cream with morsels of your favorite cookies; Baked condensed milk cream/Dulce de Leche; Cream cheese frosting; Whipped cream; Bavarian cream / Crème bavaroise; Ganache; Mascarpone cream; Various jam flavors; Cherry filling; Chocolate mousse; Strawberry mousse.


Bailys, Advocaat, Maraschino or any other liqueur); Cognac; Rum; Chocolate morsels; Caramel; Various jam flavors; Meringue; Fruits; Nuts.

Filling can affect the cake cost.

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