Sweet tables

Are you planning a stylish wedding, original birthday party or an elegant engagement in Amsterdam or its outskirts? In that case StyleMePretty will arrange unforgettable sweet buffet for your guests.

StyleMePretty believes that your holiday should be your own reflection. For that very reason we will need some time for getting to know you and think over the topic which reflects your individuality. Have you not determined yet which topic you prefer? Then we can select some ideas for your tremendous holiday together, choose color gamma and scenery.

We think that if you are a host/hostess of the event, you should enjoy it. In this way we make holiday process with little effort for you. We will do whatever is necessary to make your event special.  Attention to details is highly important for us.

You will get different kinds of sweets, cakes, cupcakes, mini cupcakes, cake pops, chocolate fondue, fruits, macaroons, meringues, bonbon, cookies, flowers and other matching scenery.

We arrange sweet tables beginning from 10 persons. Sweet tables cost is individual and can be much different from your wishes. Large orders we deliver across Holland.

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