Exclusive cakes

If you need a custom-made cake, you are on the right track! Holidays’ celebrating is a great opportunity to have a rest from workaday life; it’s a special condition of your soul, burst of positive emotions and relaxed atmosphere of harmony and success. We will help you to embellish your holiday in bright colors by making a unique, sweet and very delicious cake with uncommon and colorful design. Because we all know that nobody will be surprised and glad today if you buy a cake in a hurry. We all want something extraordinary, something beautiful, something special. You can order exclusive custom-made cakes in Amsterdam and its outskirts – a boundless flight of fancy to choose from form and color. It could be ordinary round cakes or the most complex cakes made of fondant and marzipan. We offer you to choose an exclusive custom-made cake for any important event: A cake for a wedding, anniversary, corporative party, Mother’s Day, as a present to that special someone, christening or a birthday cake for your beloved baby! Do you want the hero of the day to be happy? And your dear guests to be delighted?! Our exclusive custom-made cakes have been amazing and fascinating for already more than 3 years! How many families, companies, institutions and simply good persons we have given a true sweet fairy tale, and we make them delighted as usual! The cost of custom-made cakes: The face value of cream-, icing- or ganache-covered cakes is 3,20 euro per person. The face value of fondant-covered cakes is 3,80 euro per person. The face value of marzipan-covered cakes is 4,00 euro per person. Minimum cake order involves 25 persons. The cost of 3D cakes is above the average as a rule. If you want a cake with various hand-made figurines, be ready to pay extra 3-10 euro apiece. For taking additional information go to FAQ section. Use contact form to make an order.

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