You cannot miss delicious StyleMePretty cupcakes! Everybody likes cute and yummy cupcakes! Created by English confectioners, scrumptious dessert turned the cookery world upside down, making sweet teeth forget about traditional cakes. There are several different options of cupcakes decoration: cream hill, cream hill and 3D flowers, covered with fondant and marzipan, and decorated by flowers, butterflies, bows and 3D figurines. The prices of our cupcakes begin with 2,00 euro apiece. Minimum order involves 20 pieces. StyleMePretty offers you several most popular cupcake flavors:

  • Red Velvet is a velvety mahogany cake with cream-cheese and white chocolate frosting.
  • Double Vanilla is a vanilla cake with airy vanilla cream.
  • Double Chocolate is a cake with dark chocolate and milk chocolate cream.
  • Caramel is a vanilla or chocolate cake with caramelized buttercream.
  • Oreo Cupcake is a vanilla cake with morsels of Oreo cookies with buttercream and  Oreo half  on the top.
  • Irish Cupcake is a chocolate cake with airy buttercream and Bailys liqueur. Cupcake is filled with baked condensed milk/Dulce de Leche.
  • Latte Cupcake is delicious chocolate cake with buttercream and coffee topping.
  • Raspberry love is airy vanilla cake filled with red raspberry jam and vanilla cream topping.
  • Champagne -  is airy vanilla cake filled with red raspberry and champagne buttercream topping.

Besides that you can combine the following:


  • vanilla,
  • chocolate,
  • lemon,
  • orange,
  • almond,


Cupcake topping:

  • vanilla vegan,
  • vanilla,
  • chocolate,
  • lemon,
  • orange,
  • champagne (alc. or aroma),
  • caramel/ Dulce de leche,
  • peppermint,
  • rose (with rose water),
  • alcohol: Amaretto, Advocaat, Baileys, rum…,
  • cream-cheese frosting.


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